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boating accident report

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Massachusetts Environmental Police Boating & R.V. Safety Bureau 1 Trow bridge Road Bourne, MA 02532 Phone: (508) 759-0002 Fax: (508) 759-3357 BOATING ACCIDENT REPORT The operator/owner of a vessel
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Please file a report in your area or call the Coast Guard at 1-800-424-724. BOATING ACCIDENT REPORT Form #33, Form #66 The operator/owner of a vessel used for recreational purposes should attach this form and the required information to the accident report that is submitted to the Coast Guard along with the report. If you are unable to attach form #33 or #66 to the accident report because of its space limitations, a copy of form #33 or #66 may be forwarded to the operator/owner along with an explanation. Form #33 Instructions for Use Form #33 1. Name : ____________ 2. Date : _______ 3. Boat registration number : ___________ 4. Boat make and model : ___________ 5. Boat model and color : _________ 6. Boat operator's name : ____________ 7. Date of accident : _______ 8. Boat registration number(s) of the vessel: ________________________________________ 9. Boat make : ________________________________________ 10. Boat Model: ________________________________________ 9. Vessel registration number of the vessel: ________________________________________ Please attach the following documents to the accident report. A copy of the Coast Guard form #33 will be forwarded to the operator/owner of the vessel. When attaching a copy of the form #33, please include the following information in addition to the form #33: The name of the vessel. The number of persons aboard the vessel at the time of the accident The cause of the accident A statement of the extent of the loss of the vessel All required fees and a description Any insurance information if available Please be advised that the operator of a vessel used for recreational purposes, and/or anyone who is known to operate a vessel used for recreational purposes, shall immediately report to the Coast Guard any loss or theft of recreational craft. Such incident(s) shall be reported within 48 hours. The operator/owner of a vessel used for recreational purposes shall file an insurance policy covering the value of recreational craft with the Massachusetts Insurance Division. Insurance policies may be obtained from any insurance agent/company authorized to sell coverage to boaters. The vessel operator is required to notify the Coast Guard within 48 hours of any accident involving a vessel (other than an accident involving a motorboat) involving death or property damage, in which an emergency response is required.
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